Ultimate SUV Test: 2013 Range Rover vs Mercedes G63 AMG

If you are planning to spend over a $100K on a SUV, then, well, you are probably a rich Beverly Hills housewife. If you are a BHH, then chances are you are going to get one these two vehicles: the new Range Rover or the Mercedes G63 AMG. Granted, a real BHH would buy them both, but if your husband is only letting you buy one, then this comparison test by MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman may become handy.
range rover vs Mercedes G63 Ultimate SUV Test: 2013 Range Rover vs Mercedes G63 AMG

range rover vs Mercedes G63

These two luxurious utility vehicles are so closely matched that you might think it is going to be impossible to declare a winner. But it’s not. It’s actually very simple. While the Range Rover is a better product and does everything s little better than the G-Wagen, the German military vehicle is a lot more fun to live with. You just have to decide which is more important to you, convenience or fun. The G-Wagen is the kind of car we imagine the Desert Fox would drive, if Hitler hadn’t poisoned him to death! All that 90210 malarkey has not sullied this car’s blood. It is still cool as hell.   Source: motorward  
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